Social Media and PR Strategies

Social media opens up a two-way conversation between you and a wider audience. Speaking of a wider audience, according to the Pew Research Center, 68% of all Americans use Facebook, that’s a staggering 221+MM people! There has never been a more easy and efficient way to communicate to your audience than today, utilizing the tools of social media. Not only is social media extremely valuable for communicating with your target audience, but it’s also a valuable way to find investors. 

Because investors use social media to find some of their deals, meeting investors half-way in their “stomping grounds” makes it much easier to get on their radar. Here are some in-depth strategies for getting on an investor’s radar and eventually closing your deal.

Social Media Strategies

Here are two strategies you can try:

1. The “Shotgun” Approach

This approach starts by following a lot of people and engaging them, which motivates many to follow you themselves. If you don’t know where to start, you can always see who your competitors are interacting with and follow them and/or join their LinkedIn groups.

Focus on the channel where potential investors are most likely to be found. This depends on your industry. It could be Twitter, LinkedIn, or even Facebook or Pinterest.

Once you’ve identified whom to build relationships with, use a tool like Buffer or HootSuite to schedule 15 to 20 posts throughout the day. A mix of promotional, non-promotional, and curated content will drive the highest engagement.

2. The “Sniper Rifle” Approach

This approach focuses on connecting with a few key influencers and getting them to share the news about your crowdfunding campaign for you.

First, identify a list of influencers with whom you’d like to connect. You can use tools like Followerwonk to determine the most influential people in your industry. These could range from journalists and reporters to other industry insiders.

Get on their radar by sharing their content, engaging in their discussions, and helping out however you can. It takes a longer time to build these relationships, but they will start to pay off when influencers share your content to thousands of followers.

PR Strategies

Here are a few ways to promote your crowdfunding campaigns on your own:

1. “Drafting”

Start by identifying which websites have written about your competitors or linked to them online. There are plenty of free tools, like Topsy (for Twitter) and OpenSiteExplorer (for backlinks) to help you pinpoint where others in your industry are getting press.

Next, approach these publications and websites yourself. You could write guest posts, offer yourself up as an interview subject, or see if they’d be willing to publish content you’ve already created. It might take a little creativity and effort to get the press. But all it takes is one mention from an influential website to accelerate your funding dramatically.

2. Tapping into Your Existing Networks

Your network of friends, family, and business connections is probably larger than you think. Tapping into it can help get the ball rolling on social media.

The “formula” is simple: write up a post about your crowdfunding campaign, and then call in your network favors to have them share it on social media. You will attract a percentage of their followers who hadn’t heard about you previously. Some of them might be interested in investing.

This isn’t a long-term strategy, but it can provide a nice boost at the beginning of your crowdfunding campaign and works really well when combined with the first strategy.

Taking the time to develop your brand and story will deliver these key business benefits:

1. Makes Life Easier for Your Team Members and Contractors

With a clear brand and beliefs in mind, everyone “gets” the big picture of what you’re trying to achieve – all the way from the founders to the entry-level employees.

The result?

You end up spending a lot less time going back and forth with web developers, designers, and video contractors about how to best present yourself. There’s less money spent on revisions as well, as everything from major philosophical stances to small aesthetic choices are already clear.

2. The Companies Who Stand for Something Are the Ones Who Succeed

The vast majority of investors are looking for sustainable growth. Who will be around for the long term and deliver consistent returns? Those companies are worthy of their attention.

Savvy investors understand that companies who stand for something increase their likelihood of success. Because these companies often stand out from competitors and thrive for decades or even centuries, they make the most attractive investments.

3. Investors Invest in Relationships and Who You Are as a Company

Investors are concerned with not just what you sell, but who you are.

It isn’t enough to build a decent product and take it to market. Investors are investing in the soul of your business. That’s what it takes to win in the age of emotion.

People with similar priorities and worldviews make attractive investment partners. Equity crowdfunding investors are ultimately investing in these personal relationships.

At the end of the day, the opportunities are endless on social media for your deal. The best thing you can do at this point is GET STARTED! Good luck and we hope to hear about your success.

What’s next?

Equity crowdfunding is an exciting new way to connect with vetted investors and get the funding you need to thrive.

Now you have the power to proactively shape your presentation to win the most investment, but it takes a little planning beforehand.

Working with the right partner will help you get listed on the most profitable portal for your offer. You’ll get all the documents you need to satisfy regulations, and you’ll also get much more than that. You’ll get a comprehensive branding strategy to win over investors in today’s competitive emotion economy.