Finding the Right Partner and Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Finding the right equity crowdfunding portal will allow you to leverage the latest FinTech to offer clients equity in exciting (and profitable) private investments.

But there are numerous equity crowdfunding portals to choose from – and more emerging by the day. This makes for huge variations in investment quality, experience, and transparency and reporting.

How do you make sure the investors whom you advise get the best?

CapValue (a subsidiary company of Capital Services Group and partner company of Deal Box) is a modern merchant bank with leading tech designed to help RIAs adapt to the new investor economy, can help break down the barriers which keep RIAs from pursuing private equity opportunities.

The result: you connect clients with more diverse and profitable private investments than they’d find anywhere else.

Here are a few key factors that separate CapValue’s services from the rest:

  • Unparalleled transparency. CapValue believes that the more transparency between companies, investors, and the professionals who advise them, the better. Extensive access to information helps you assess every opportunity and value them accordingly – before recommending anything to a client. That’s why CapValue became a pioneer in creating SEC and FINRA-compliant packaging and distribution services, working with over 200 companies (and raising more than $250 million) over the past 10 years.
  • Comprehensive reporting, updated in real-time. Users get access to best-in-class financial technologies and dashboards, where they can review all the financial documents needed to assess every opportunity and track real-time performance. CapValue uses web-enabled technologies to help present this information in a well-organized, professional structure.
  • Full commitment to regulatory compliance. We make sure every investment meets legal requirements through robust, continually-updated reporting of financials, corporate governance, business plan, investment briefs, and offering documents. This commitment drove us to become a pioneer in creating SEC and FINRA-compliant packaging and distribution services, working with over 200 companies (and raising more than $250 million) over the past 10 years.
  • Exclusive sourcing and a stringent screening process for “investment-worthy deals.” Every opportunity we list has gone through a rigorous vetting process. We leverage our parent company, Capital Services Group’s, investment packaging and direct public offering capabilities, as well as a commitment to ensuring best practices in client companies. Capital Services Group provides proprietary deal sourcing, so your clients won’t find these opportunities anywhere else.
  • A team of financial advisors, entrepreneurs, and merchant bankers with deep understanding of the space. The team at CapValue has decades of crowdfunding and venture capital experience. This gives them an intimate understanding of what makes investments valuable, as well as when to screen out mediocre opportunities. CapValue focuses on quality over quantity. The platform might have fewer overall deals, but every deal is of superior quality compared to less-selective platforms. CapValue goes deep with each company from an investment packaging standpoint. The end result is a lot more to offer investors than a brief slide deck.